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Amsterdam in August

Updated: Aug 22

Earlier this month, Lance and MaryLou embarked on an Explora Journeys inaugural cruise. Prior to the cruise they spent 4 pre-nights in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Interested in visiting Amsterdam? Lance shared some fun details from their trip:

The flight over was easy, but difficult to sleep. I probably only slept for two hours and Mary Lou got less. We took a taxi from the airport to the Hyatt for 67 euros plus tip. We arrived to our hotel by 9:30am and were told our room was not available, but we didn't expect it to be. I offered to buy a day room from the receptionist, but she said nothing was available. So we left our bags with her and walked a couple of blocks to a bakery, returned to the hotel and by 11:20am and went to our room.

After a shower and rest, we walked one block to the metro (subway) and rode that to the Central Station. We switched over to the Rail Station and rode a train to Haarlem. From the rail station in Haarlem, we walked a mile to the Corrie Ten Boom Museum and got there about 15 minutes before our 3:00pm (Dutch-speaking) tour.

The guide was a sweet, older lady. When she took us to the actual hiding place room she asked another lady, originally from the UK who was on the tour with her family, to interpret for us. It worked out very well and we were grateful that the people with us were so accommodating. After the tour, we walked around Haarlem, ate dinner at a Greek restaurant, and navigated the rail and subway trip back to the Hyatt.

Lance Chima standing inside the hiding place at Corrie Ten Boom's house in Haarlem, Netherlands.
Lance standing inside the hiding place at Corrie Ten Boom's house in Haarlem, Netherlands.

Bible that Corrie Ten Boom would lead Bible studies with around her table.
Bible that Corrie would lead Bible studies with around her table.

While touring the Corrie Ten Boom house, we could only get reservations for a Dutch-speaking tour. So we listened to a tour guide give the tour in Dutch. Toward the end of the tour, the guide showed us a tapestry Corrie made and took with her on speaking engagements all over the world.

There was a poem about the tapestry written entitled "Life is but weaving, between my God and me" that she would recite. The guide handed all the Dutch people in the group a bookmark, with the poem written on it in Dutch. She asked a man in the group to read it aloud, which he did. Then she motioned with her finger for all of us to wait, and she left the room. She returned a few minutes later and handed MaryLou and me each a bookmark, and said "Now in English" and pointed to me. However, the bookmark was actually written in Dutch. So to the best of my ability, I started reading it aloud in Dutch. Most everyone cracked up.

Amsterdam is an amazing city. Whether you're excited for your next European adventure, ready to cruise, or want to relax at an all-inclusive resort, give us a call or email us. We're excited to help you plan your next vacation.

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