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Chima Travel's Favorite Travel Accessories

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

We get asked about recommendations for travel accessories all the time, so we're glad to be able to share this blog post to help everyone better prepare for their trips.

Buying travel accessories can be especially challenging when you're going overseas. For one, the wall plugs and voltage are different. Also, there are some world-famous travel destinations that are also well-known for pickpockets. With that in mind, here are our recommendations for travel accessories. You can click the photo for more information and to purchase that exact product :)

The one thing you absolutely must have when traveling overseas is a universal travel adapter. The wall sockets can vary by country and continent, so this is one accessory you'll regret not having. The one we recommend is ANTOPM's Universal Travel Adapter. Whether you're going to Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia, Africa, or South America, this adapter has you covered. It works in more than 150 countries and in addition to the wall plug, it has three USB ports and one Type C port. It can charge your laptop, camera, phone, tablet, GPS, etc., but you shouldn't use it for things like your hair dryer or anything over 1,500 wattage.

If you know you need to pack a hair straightener or curling iron on your next trip overseas, then be sure it's dual voltage. The product we recommend is the 6th Sense Dual Voltage 2-in-1 Mini Hair Straightener / Curling Iron. This one's only 11 inches long and has a 1-inch barrel, so it will definitely get the job done but it won't take up too much space in your luggage. It also comes with a heat-resistant carrying case.

For those concerned about pickpockets, we recommend carrying a neck pouch or slim travel wallet. Neck pouches are the perfect way to make sure your belongings stay protected because you wear it under your clothes.

Venture 4th makes an excellent neck pouch that has RFID-blocking technology to keep your passport and credit cards safe. It can hold all of your important necessities from your ID to your keys, and it's still virtually invisible under your clothing.

If a neck pouch isn't your style, then consider Clifton Heritage's RFID-blocking slim wallet. It'll keep your ID, cash, and credit cards safe and it's also nearly invisible when in your pocket. The wallet even comes in 15 different colors / designs, so you can choose the style that works best for you.

REMINDER: When you're touring or walking around a city, be sure nothing is in your back pockets. If you want to put something in your pocket, make sure it's in your front pockets. Theft is much easier when you have things in your back pockets.

Those are the travel accessories we think are most important when you're heading overseas.

One last question we get a lot is luggage suggestions. If you're looking to purchase new luggage, we say go for the Swiss Gear Blackcomb Hard Side Expandable Luggage. It's a 28-inch suitcase with a fully lined interior and four 360-degree spinner wheels. There's even a privacy compartment in the interior to help with organization.

Pro Tip: While black, brown, and navy are the most popular suitcase colors, we recommend bright colored luggage because it's less likely to get stolen or accidentally taken off of the luggage carousel by someone else.

If there are any other recommendations that would be helpful, please reach out and let us know. We want to help you prepare for your trip any way we can :)

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