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Croatia, Where's That?

Croatian Countryside

Croatia is a dream destination located in the Mediterranean region of south central Europe. It perfectly combines stunning views, interesting history, and fascinating culture.

As of October 2020, Croatia is one of the few European countries currently open to US citizens. They don't require visitors to quarantine if they present a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken less than 48 hours prior to arrival in Croatia.

Chima Travel agent Carol had an amazing experience in Croatia which has made us all eager to visit.

Carol and her husband Dan enjoying dinner on the beautiful island of Hvar

Q. When did you visit Croatia and what was the weather like?

A. We went in May of 2019 and the weather was between 60 - 70 degrees. It was very comfortable, but not beach weather.

Dubrovnik city wall - This is where they would watch for invaders

Q. What was your itinerary and how many days did you spend in each destination?

A. We flew out of Akron-Canton Airport (CAK) through New York JFK and Madrid to Dubrovnik. On our first day in Dubrovnik, we toured the city with our newly purchased outfits from H&M anxiously awaiting our luggage to arrive. We finished day 1 with a wine tasting at a local wine bar and met a young couple from Columbus "OH-IO".

Day 2 - We went by car across the border to neighboring Montenegro to visit several coastal cities. We enjoyed the most amazing fresh seafood lunch on the shore of the sea.


Day 3 - We left Dubrovnik and rode with our guide "Miro" with our sites set on Split and Hvar. Miro insisted we stop in Ston to taste fresh oysters and visit the salt mines for freshly mined salt to take home. Once we arrived in Split we boarded the ferry to Hvar Island. What a treasure Hvar is.

Day 4 - We were met by a young woman who took us shopping at the local farmers' market and then out of town and up into the hillside to her and her husband's restaurant. This restaurant sits on a hillside in a village of 15 people surrounded by wildflowers, herbs, and lavender. Her husband, the chef, helped us prepare an authentic local Croatian meal from start to finish. What a treat!

Ston - Oysters are farmed here. It's a must to taste them fresh from the water.

Day 5 - We left Hvar on the ferry back to Split. We toured the city of Trogir then went into the countryside to Bibich Winery for the most memorable food and wine tasting.

Day 6 - For our last full day in Croatia we left Split and went to Mostar, Bosnia for a tour and lunch, then proceeded back to Dubrovnik for a farewell dinner.

On the return we had to overnight at JFK which gave us the opportunity to stay at the new TWA Hotel. (If you have some time while hanging out at JFK I recommend checking it out for a drink or even just to walk around the lobby and museum area.)

Trogir - the home of a local artist

Q. What were 3 aspects of your trip that made it the most memorable?

1. I have such fond memories of the people we spent time with who were our guides and shared their food and their culture.

2. Learning about what it was like to live in Bosnia.

3. Hvar Island is a place I would visit again.

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina - This bridge separates the two cultures who are learning to live together

Q. Was there anything in particular you wish you would have done or would do differently?

If you want to spend less time in the car, I would fly into Dubrovnik and out of Split or Zagreb.

Hvar Island

Q. What are the most important things you would advise a family of before visiting Croatia?

Croatia has become known for its landmarks where "Game of Thrones" was filmed. Don't let that stop you from going to Croatia. Croatia is a country where the people are so thankful for visitors. Their livelihood depends on tourism. They are so very gracious and thankful to share their country with visitors.

A local's home while walking the city walls in Dubrovnik

Carol is a world traveler who's explored everywhere from Italy and Spain to Peru and Brazil. No matter where you want to visit she's ready to design an unforgettable vacation experience just for you.

Carol Castellucci-Miller


Phone: 330-204-3131

Click here for Carol's website

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