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India: The Crown Jewel of Asia

On this episode of The Travel Agents, Brian and Will are joined by friend Guarav to discuss the majestic country of India. Brian talks about his experience traveling along the Indian Golden Triangle which includes Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra. Traveling with the tour company G Adventures, Brian visits the Taj Mahal, drinks Chai, and gets head massages.

G Adventures is a sustainable tourism country with a focus on making travel a force for good in everything they do. G Adventures is not a sponsor of this podcast, we just like them a lot.

Speaking from a different perspective, Guarav highlights his experiences visiting India. Having visited the country several times in his life, Guarav talks about his experience having family and what it's like to visit as someone who speaks the native language(s).

India is an incredible country with a rich and vibrant history. Deeply rooted in spirituality, India is a country that welcomes all.

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