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Traveling During a Pandemic: Playa del Carmen

Whitney and Jake headed to Cancun, Mexico for a week in August for some summer fun. They stayed at the popular all-inclusive Hotel Xcaret, which not only includes food and drinks but also access to their 9 parks. At these parks you can do everything from zip-lining and biking through the jungle to driving amphibious vehicles and touring underground rivers.

Q. How was the weather during your trip?

A. When we arrived the weather was great! Lots of sun, definitely humid. However, a few days in clouds began to roll in. A nice break from the sun, but rain soon followed.

On these rainy days, we decided to go to a few parks where rain did not matter! Overall, considering this time of year is rainy season, the weather was great.

Q. What were your favorite parts about the trip? Did you do any excursions?

A. We went on 4 excursions, which included Xenses, Xel-Há, Xenotes, and Xcaret. We had an absolute blast at each. They were all so different from the next we couldn’t pick a favorite.

Some of our favorite things about the trip were the amazing food and the snorkeling off the beach. We’ve never experienced such clear water!

Q. Do you have any advice for someone wanting to visit Cancun?

A. Hotel Xcaret is a great option being an all-inclusive resort and having full access to 9 different parks. You cannot get bored here as there is so much to do! We were there for a whole week and barely tapped into what the resort offers. This is such a great option for both families and couples.

Q. Is there anything you’d do differently if you went back? Or if you did go back, what are 1 or 2 additional things you might like to do?

A. If we went back we’d like to stay longer, if possible, so we'd have the opportunity to experience more parks while having days just at the resort.

We personally would stay in the adults-only building just because it would be another new experience. However, we would love to go again and bring our family as we think they would LOVE it.

Q. How was traveling during COVID? What was different about the flights and resort?

A. Traveling during COVID did not feel any different. You had to wear a mask the whole time, however, it wasn’t as bad as we thought it might be.

Everything was exceptionally clean, and the spacing between parties was actually nice. The resort was the same way, we had to wear masks walking around but once we got to the pool or beach, they came off. We brought bandanna masks that could stay around our necks while walking around the parks or around the resort. We found this very helpful as we didn’t have to carry or remember masks.

Hotel Xcaret is an amazing resort that offers tons of fun for people of all ages. Whether you want to stay at Hotel Xcaret, visit a different resort, or travel to a different country, let us know. We're ready to create a personalized vacation for you to create incredible memories.

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