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Relaxing in Riviera Maya

Thanks to the direct flights from Cleveland to Cancún, Cancún and Riviera Maya, Mexico are easy and relaxing vacation destinations for people of all ages. The views are gorgeous, there are plenty of excursions, and many resorts are all-inclusive so you don't have to worry about paying for food and drinks every meal.

Christian was kind enough to share details about the Spring Break trip he and his friends took to Riviera Maya right before the COVID-19 shutdown. They stayed at the 5-star all-inclusive BlueBay Grand Esmeralda in Playa del Carmen, which has a private beach, 3 pools, 6 restaurants, and more.

Q. When did you travel and how was the weather?

A. We were there from March 9 - March 13, 2020. During our stay the weather was incredible, in the mid to upper 80’s with no rain throughout the week.

Q. What was your favorite part about your trip? Did you do any excursions?

A. Throughout my trip I truly enjoyed the wide variety of food that was offered to us. From the various buffets, to the a la carte restaurants, the food was incredible.

Unfortunately, we decided to rest during this trip and did not partake in any excursions.

Q. Do you have any advice for someone wanting to visit Cancún?

A. My only advice to someone traveling to Cancún is to be thoughtful when selecting flights into and out of the country during their stay. The Cancun airport is not a large airport, and during busy traveling times or seasons it can become very chaotic and crowded.

Q. Is there anything you’d do differently if you went back?

A. If I ever went back, I would like to experience more of the culture in Mexico outside of the resort. I regret not taking the opportunity to see more of what the Riviera Maya area has to offer from a cultural and historical viewpoint.

Q. How was traveling during COVID-19? Was anything different about the flights or resort?

A. Fortunately for us, we traveled right at the very beginning of the COVID-19 spread here in the US. Therefore, traveling was of little to no issue since things were not truly on lock down yet. Other than some passengers wearing masks, there was no difference in comparison to my previous traveling experiences.

Whether your idea of a great vacation is relaxing or exploring, Riviera Maya and Cancun are great places to do both.

Give us a call or email us, we're excited about helping you create your next trip to paradise.

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