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Traveling Safely As A Single Female

Traveling can be pretty daunting, especially when you’re a woman traveling alone. Here are a few tips and precautions to take so you can have a safe and enjoyable trip.

1. Dress Conservatively

It is best to dress a bit more conservatively when traveling abroad for many reasons. Some of them include trying to avoid any unnecessary conflicts and being respectful of the culture and customs of your destination.

2. Avoid Flashy Jewelry

Attention grabbing accessories make you a good target for thieves. It's best to keep your nice things safe and sound at home. Feel free to wear a fake wedding band to avoid unwanted advances if you'd like.

3. Don’t Assume Other Women Are Safe

Generally women tend to feel safe with other women, but in reality a woman can be just as dangerous as a man. Use good judgement and common sense.

4. Drink Responsibly

It’s no good to be drunk in an unknown place with unknown people. So please, please drink responsibly and in moderation.

When you're out on the town, keep your hand on your drink at all times. Do your best to finish your drink before leaving your seat. You never know who’s in the restaurant or bar with you.

5. Bring Back Up Protection

Consider bringing some kind of safety mechanism with you when traveling, such as a whistle or a self-defense keychain.

6. Don’t Ever Feel Guilty About Saying No

Don’t feel like you need to have help with your bags, let a man buy you a drink, or anything else that may make you uncomfortable. It’s completely okay to be rude if it will keep you safe in that kind of situation. Trust your gut feelings about people if something doesn’t feel right.

7. Use Good Discernment And Common Sense

Honestly just be smart about traveling. Don’t tell strangers where you’re staying, but be sure a trusted family member or friend knows where you'll be. Try not to walk by yourself at night. If you have to walk by yourself at night, make sure you're very aware of your surroundings.

Traveling is an amazing experience and we want you to have the time of your life. We aren’t trying to scare you, we just want you to be prepared and knowledgeable about traveling alone as a single female.

Whether solo, with your spouse, or with a group, we'd love to help you see the world. Give us a call, stop by, or email us so we can get started helping you plan your next great adventure!

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